3M GPFMA13 Gold Privacy Filter for 13" Macbook Air Laptop (16:10)

  • $92.85

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3M GPFMA13 Gold Privacy Filter for 13" Macbook Air Laptop (16:10) Because you can hop on the internet, check your email, and access your work or personal files from virtually anywhere, it's more important than ever to protect your confidential information. No matter where you are, 3M Gold Privacy Filters use screen colouring technology to protect your screen from casual onlookers while keeping your display looking sleek, stylish and smart. Screen appears a vibrant gold from side views 3M Gold Privacy filters provide twice the level of effective privacy protection and 14% higher clarity than standard black out privacy filters Helps keep on-screen information private Protects your screen from dust and dirt Applies with optically-clear, screen-safe adhesive Higher clarity than competitive products Protects data & info from prying eyes Clearer than competitive privacy filters Private viewing inside a 60-degree angle Applies easily and holds filter flat Optically clear to preserve image clarity Adhesive strips remove without residue Can be repositioned hundreds of times