ECU1501B - evocept CopyBlast Ultimate BD 1 Drive 15x/16x

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ECU1501B - evocept CopyBlast Ultimate BD 1 Drive 15x/16x ECU1501B - evocept CopyBlast Ultimate BD 1 Drive 15x/16xIntroducing the new CopyBlast Ultimate range of CD/DVD/BD duplicators with inbuilt USB duplication.Offering the traditional high performance disc to disc CD, DVD and optional BD copying functionality of the CopyBlast range the new evocept CopyBlast Ultimate range of duplicators introduces major functionalities through the addition of two USB ports. Span large USB based files over multiple discs (append) or copy many smaller flash files onto larger discs (multisession). Disc to USB - automatically copy the content from discs onto USB USB to USB duplication - one to one copy functionality for USB based files Through the use of USB adapters multiple formats of flash card can be used USB Memory to Disc - copy flash based files to one or more target discs. Standalone 1 drive Duplication tower Totally self-contained with no additional hardware or software required 1 15x BD/ 16x DVD recordable drive targets 1 BD/DVD drive and 1 USB source Simultaneous burning to any or all target drives at once CD/DVD/BD backup in one button operation Automatic disc format detection User friendly interface with message rich LCD display System self diagnostics on power up Disc compare and verification Note: This duplicator is designed to assist you in reproducing CD/DVD/BDs in which you own the copyright or have the legal permission to copy. Dimensions: 270mm long x 165mm wide x 190mm wide Warranty: 24 months RTB