Matrox Epica TC48 (Compatible with WYSE Z90DE7 Thin Client Only)

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Matrox Epica TC48 (Compatible with WYSE Z90DE7 Thin Client Only) The Matrox Epica TC48 quad monitor graphics card is the perfect complement to the Dell Wyse Z90DE7 Thin Client Computing solution. Built and designed exclusively for the Dell Wyse Z90DE7 thin client, the Matrox Epica TC48 has passive cooling, low power consumption, and has been co-certified for the Z90DE7 with Dell Wyse. The Epica TC48 outputs can be added to the native GPU outputs on the Z90DE7 to achieve an unprecedented 6 outputs from the thin client and significantly improves the number of displays and screen real estate available under virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Use the existing dual outputs of the Dell Wyse Z90DE7 and Matrox Epica TC48 to drive up to six displays. Drive up to six monitors from a single thin client Passive cooling and low power consumption Thermal output meets Dell Wyse specification Matrox PowerDesk software High-resolution four monitor support