NEC SB10-TM - DTV & IPTV Tuner Module

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NEC SB10-TM - DTV & IPTV Tuner Module Add a new and exciting dimension to your digital signage. With the DTV & IPTV tuner module - SB10-TM, your NEC large format displays can be transformed into a captivating source of entertainment with the ability to run high-definition broadcasts and other network programming. Supporting Unicast RTP or Multicast RTP, this tuner will fit any UTP infrastructure streaming an IPTV signal as well as standard VHF/UHF antenna or cable TV service signals over coax.This tuner module is ideal for hospitality and broadcast studio usage as well as digital signage application that require streaming broadcasting capability. Digital Television Tuner for Australian market (DVB-T) IPTV Tuner supporting popular IP streaming standards OPS option card for all NEC displays enabling simple integration Supports multiple video and audio codec along with MPEG transport or program streams Auto scan function allows you to automatically scan for available DVB-T channels pending the source (air or cable)